Frequently Asked Questions

Main Facility
01 — Is outside food & drink allowed?
Absolutely! While the play centre does have a concession stand inside. We as parents recognize that some child have dietary needs, which is why we have no problems with outside food & drink coming in.
02 — Do you have an area specifically for babies or toddlers?

Yes we do. We have an under three (3) area that requires parent supervision at all times and is suitable for those that move a bit slower and/or are just finding their sea legs.

There’s a mini slide, a ball pit, large blocks to build and sit on, in an open area that is cleaned and sanitized daily for crawling hands and feet. What’s great is that is that you can also see the main play structure to watch and older brother or sister run around too.

03 — What Happens If Someone Forgot Socks?
No problem, we have you covered…or at at least your feet. $2/pair
04 — Why Can't We Wear Indoor Shoes, Bare Feet Or Slippers?

This is actually a health & safety reason why we require ALL guests to wear socks on their feet at all times. Please let us know if you require special orthotics for medical reason.

05 — How Do I Know If The Play Centre Is Too Busy?
If you’re ever wondering by all means feel free to either call or text us (250-863-7858) and we’ll respond as quick as we can to let you know.
06 —Can Your Party Rooms Be Booked For Groups To Meet-Up?
Yes, in fact we’d love to have you! We’ve had a group of mothers, daycare groups and even Pop-Up shops book our rooms during the day. You can check on a room’s availability here and then reach out to us with the specifics of the group and time required for a cost/reservation. (250-863-7858)
07 — Do Offer Any Sort Of Deals Or Discounts For Large Groups?
We sure do! For large groups and school field trips just reach out to us and let us know what you’re thinking so that we can offer up the best price based on numbers, requirements and any other special requests you may have.
08 — Do You Offer Any Deals For Families That Want To Come Regularly?

Yes the best value is to purchase a 6 card Punch Pass. We also have a couple of sales per year, you can either check here on the site for notice or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be notified when the next sale is happening.

09 — Can I Drop My Children Off To Play &/Or Leave Them With A Babysitter (Under 18?)

It’s a requirement that all children using our facility are accompanied and supervised by an adult (18yr+) at all times. As parents and caregivers are responsible for their child(ren) safe use of the equipment and facility.

10 — Is There An Expiry Date On The Punch Pass Cards?
Once you’ve paid we encourage you to play! At least your kids anyways. So should you happen to come across an old punch pass in that junk drawer in your house, feel free to use it when you’re next in!
11 — Once We Leave, Can We Come Back Later In The Day To Play?

Yes you can. Your rate is good for the entire day.

12 — What Food Do You Offer At The Concession Stand?
We sell an assortment of drinks from water, to juice boxes, juice and pop in cans as well as tea and coffee. Our snacks range from both fruit to crackers, squares, chips and chocolate bars to name a few. And for hot items we sell both hotdogs and pizza as well.
13 — Can We Use The Party Rooms When They're Not In Use?

Sadly no. The rooms are reserved for groups and parties. And while we understand it’s sometimes easier to feed and spread out to spaces that aren’t being used, we try to keep those rooms as clean as possible and ready for any last minute bookings that occur. Plus the staff may be in and out of those rooms setting up for the next child’s birthday party and we like to keep the rooms looking spectacular for their big event!