Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Parties
01 - How early can I arrive for my party?

We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes early for your schedule party time. This allows staff the ability to ensure the room is both cleaned and set prior to your arrival. We understand that you need to get in and set up as well and are happy to help facilitate that to make your experience – and that of your little one – as stress free as possible.

02 - Can kids that attend our party stay on to play in the facility once the party is over?
Absolutely! Like with general admission, their pass is good for the day to stay on and play. However, any party participant that stays on must be under the supervision of an adult and/or guardian and it will be up to the party host to ensure that the guests that attended their party is indeed cared for prior to leaving the play centre.
03 - Is there a limit for adults attending a birthday party?This is a frequently asked question?
Yes there is. While not all adults need to be in the party room(s) we understand their desire to join in on the festivities. Based on the group of parents who’s children are coming to your party, if you think that a fair amount will attend, then we invite you to consider hosting a PRIVATE PARTY, which runs after the play centre closes. This will ensure both the room, comfort and atmosphere for all to enjoy thoroughly themselves.
04 - Are you open to the public when I have my party? And are there other parties taking place at the same time?
Yes to both. The play centre will be open to the general public during our regular business hours. And given that we do have two rooms available to book, there is a chance that another party could be happening during your event. However, we do try and stagger the start times of the parties which does minimize some activity in the play centre. Again, if you’d like a more private and contained event then please consider booking one of our Private Party time slots to have the place to yourselves and your little ones!
05 - Are there any fridges in the rooms?
Yes, but just in our large room we have fridge in which to store drinks and other items that may need to be refrigerated. Should you require refrigeration in the small room, we will happily provide that for you in our concession area. However, you will not be able to directly access that fridge as it is behind the concession counter.
06 - Are there any discounts for coffee/tea at the concession stand during our party?
For sure. We can supply you with either coffee and/or tea during your party for a small add on fee. Just let us know how many cups and carafes you’ll need and we’ll ensure it’s there ready for you and will monitor it throughout the party. Plus we’ll supply all the cups, cream/milk and sugar for your guests.
07 - What happens to my $75.00 deposit if we have to cancel the party?
Deposit is non refundable.